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ENERGO-PRO Trading JSC is a joint stock company, established in 2011 in Bulgaria and is a part of the ENERGO-PRO Group, founded in 1994 in the Czech Republic. The company owns 47 hydroelectric power stations with total installed capacity of 860 MW. ENERGO-PRO operates on the territory of the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Georgia, Turkey and Armenia. Over 8000 employees work in it. The company realizes transmission and distribution with electric power to over 2 million customers on the territory of Bulgaria and Georgia. The company is 100% owned by Energo-Pro a.s., Czech Republic. ENERGO-PRO Trading JSC has established a new branch in Romania.


Build-up capabilities for operations in the European wholesale markets.
Achieve profitable operations by developing a well-balanced wholesale portfolio.
Offers to its partners rreliability and trust.
Тimely and quick reaction to the changing conditions at the free market.


The main area of focus of ENERGO-PRO Trading is to strengthen the Group's position by establishing a stable and reliable presence via long-term relationships with leading companies in the energy sector in Central and Southeast Europe and to grow trading turnover and supply electric power to business partners in the region. Currently, ENERGO-PRO Trading maintains good trading relations with strategic business partners interacting in the wholesale electricity markets which provide us a stable presence and at the same time gives us the opportunity for further expand of our trading positions and increase in potential partnerships. ENERGO-PRO Trading manages to ensure numerous synergies on group level by exploiting its extensive market positions and expertise. Operating in close cooperation with Energo-Pro Bulgaria – the largest private producer of electricity generated from renewable sources in Bulgaria, Energo-Pro Trading optimizes the realization of the electricity generated by its HPPs by taking full advantage of opportunities that arise not only on local level but exploring all the regional energy markets. Furthermore, Energo-Pro Trading actively collaborates with Energo-Pro Energy Services which provides electricity to end customers across Bulgaria. In 2016 the traded by ENERGO-PRO Trading power volumes are up to 999 GWh. The company established reliable financial control to ensure financial stability and good governance.

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