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ENERGO-PRO Trading actively trades electricity in Bulgaria as well as in the neighbouring countries of Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, and Turkey and also in Hungary. The main area of focus of ENERGO-PRO Trading is to strengthen the Group's position by establishing a stable and reliable presence via long-term relationships with leading companies in the energy sector in central and southeast Europe and to grow trading turnover and supply electric power to business clients partners in the region. ENERGO-PRO Trading maintains good trading relations with strategic business partners interacting in the wholesale electricity markets which provide us a stable presence and at the same time gives us the opportunity for further expand of our trading positions and increase in potential partnerships.


Presently ENERGO-PRO Trading JSC is in license procedure for wholesale trading with natural gas in Bulgaria and Romania. ENERGO-PRO Trading Romania is organized as a front office with all major back- and middle-office functions are outsourced in Sofia, Bulgaria. ENERGO-PRO Trading does not carry on, at this moment, the natural gas supply activity to end customers, such activity being suspended for an indefinite period of time by an internal decision of the management based on an opportunity assessment of the Romanian current market conditions; for the time being, the Company's activity is directed on trading exclusively on wholesale gas market. Please note that once ENERGO-PRO Trading shall resume the natural gas supply activity, we shall announce this strategic change through public announcement on the company's website.


Guarantees of Origin (GO) represent an electronic document which proves that a certain amount of energy has been produced from Renewable Energy Sources (RES). By acquiring this document, the buyer contributes to the environmental protection. The first ever deal in Bulgaria with GOs for "green" energy produced in the country has been realized by ENERGO-PRO Trading JSC and has been enlisted in the Register of the Agency for Sustainable Energy Development. GOs have been acknowledged by Hungarian authorities and registered there. They were acquired by a local telecommunication company following a procedure consistent with the Hungarian legislation and Directive 2009/28/ЕО of the European Parliament. GO's could be purchased also by Bulgarian companies, only they should be traded only together with the energy for which they have been issued. According to data from the Council of the European Energy Regulators (CEER) more and more consumers in Europe are inclined to buy and use electrical power produced by RES. Increasing its awareness in this field they stimulate the ecological production thus affirming the conservation of nature as a cultural necessity of the developed societies. Together with that the legislation of the greater part of the countries - members of the European Union provides more freedom in the trading of GOs and allowing them to be traded both together and separately from the energy for which they have been issued. The energy produced by RES increases worldwide. According to a research by the International Energy Agency (IEA), in the year 2030 one fourth of the electric power that the mankind will use will be produced by RES. The protective for the environment character and decreasing cost of this production makes it more and more preferred in the developed countries which apply various measures for its stimulation. In this sense the possibility the GOs to be traded is a measure to stimulate the ecological electricity production and purchasing them not only has a positive image effect for the consumers, but also represents a real act of environmental protection.